Monday, May 26, 2008

Discovery Sound

Discovery Sound is a music production and distribution company and part of Discovery Firm Japan. They are famous for producing music that you would not usually find in your local music store. There is music from around the world. You can hear all kinds of genres along with musical instruments you never would of thought existed.

Discovery Sound also searches for new talent all year round. There independent artists who never would of been heard of if it wasn't for Discovery. Some very well known artists affiliate with Discovery even today. But it doesn't stop there.

Besides musical content, Discovery also produces various types of audio files for various types of people. Inside Discovery Sound there is Discovery Downloader which allows musicians, software creators, game programmers to sample and purchase a showcase of authentic sound files. These files are royalty free which makes them perfect for integrating to your work without the hassle of copyright issues.

Something for those out there wanting to heard for whatever reason.