Friday, July 18, 2008

Bose Speaker Alternatives

If anyone is looking for speakers that can compete with Bose, look no more. Bauxar is the name and sound is their game.

These speakers may look small in size, but the sound they produce would make you think otherwise. Their unique shape allows for a new technology that lets you listen to music from any direction without losing sound quality.

This new technology is called "Time Domain". Sound leaves the speakers not just in the front like traditional speakers do, but at 360 degrees. No matter where you are standing the sound will not differ. Something you must hear for yourself to honestly appreciate.

The speakers can also be covered in various colors and design if you like that sort of thing. Here are some examples of custom speaker covers, but you can always design your own cover as well.

The site is in Japanese, but I am sure if you do a search on Google for Bauxar or Time Domain you can probably find something in your own language. Or you could just email me and I would help you contact the company directly if your are really interested in having a set or two. Until next time.