Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Junco & Cheep 180 City Live Tour Goods now Available!!!

Well, 2 cities down (Yubari & Eniwa) 178 Cities to go. Junco and Cheep are on their way to something big. I was surprised at the turn out in Eniwa and have the feeling the crowds are just going to get bigger as the word spreads.

The really good think about seeing the live concert now is that it feels a little more personal and you actually get the chance to meet the artists, shake their hand, get an autograph, etc..etc.., but once the major debut comes and the demand is bigger than the supply everything changes. Prices go up, you may ever see the artists beyond the stage.

The tour goods are now available and what a selection to choose from. I am telling you if you are a band/group follower then you know that first tours are the most valuable after the "big break" (especially with an autograph). Well Junco and Cheep are signing posters like crazy, 100% pure signature. You know what happens from there on out. Just copies of a signature not worth anything except a nice little memorabilia.

Though the order sight is in Japanese it is pretty easy to figure out. If for some reason you cannot figure out the Japanese then just shoot me an email and I will help you process the order. (stephen at discoveryfirm.com)

Without further adieu here is a short English description of items and the prices. Just click on the the CD link and you will be taken to the main page with all of the items available for sale.

Kanashii koto wa Kazu are do

Junco & Cheep's first tour album.
11 songs that will sooth your heart,
mind, and soul. Available for a steal
at 2,800 Yen.

Meigaza & Soshufu Promo DVD
This DVD includes two music videos titled Meigaza and Soshufu. Meigaza aired at the Yubari Film Festival and HTB TV in Hokkaido.
1,000 Yen

Autographed Tour Poster (Limited)
This is the first tour poster (and first print) signed by both Junco and Cheep Hiroishi. These won't be around for long and definitely won't be signed by
the artists personally the exposure starts to take off. Get one now why you can. 500 Yen

book_003.jpgJunco & Cheep The Book
First tour book, picture album, music score,
lyrics, and compositions by both Junco and
Cheep Hiroishi. You definitely want one of these
for your collection. They will not last forever.
1,500 Yen


Junco & Cheep Live Tour T-shirts
This babies will definitely not be around if you wait. The front has Junco & Cheep written on it and the theme song title of the tour. S M L XL XXL available.
1,800 Yen

There are some more items available pertaining to each artist in general, but the above are
official Junco & Cheep Tour goods. Get'm while they last.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Junco & Cheep 180 City Live Tour Hokkaido

Junco and Cheep Hiroishi started their 180 City Live Tour at the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival. It was like killing two birds with one stone(I don't kill birds) lol.

Same Old Story: A Trip Back 20 Years was the film I showed at the festival. Though the film only showed once in the 4 days of the festival, Junco and Cheep performed live every night of the festival. I really good start for the rest of the tour going through 2009 and 2010.

This is a different kind of live tour than the ones you might be thinking of. The northern island of Japan, Hokkaido has 180 towns inside its vast area of land mass. Most of the towns are really small, but when you are doing live shows in small towns there is one thing that spreads quickly.


The Japanese call it uwasa, but for Japanese musicians it is the best thing next to hot Sake.
The next towns in line for the show is Eniwa, and Otaru. This is only the start, but I really get the feeling they are going to take off with in the latter part of 2009.

Junco has been getting a lot of views from both Japanese and Westerners a like on her MySpace page. I have yet to update the info on her page, but as the tour starts to pick up you will be able to her more of her music there as well.

Cheep is...well Cheep is Cheep. He still has his die hard followers and some of the younger generations are starting to take to him. His MySpace is not as trendy as Junco's, but nonetheless still getting decent hits.

Both musicians write a blog (in Japanese) which can be read on the Discovery Music homepage.
If you are into different kinds of music from around the world then I can tell you now you are going to enjoy the music of Junco and Cheep. Keep you updated when I can.