Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back to the Basics

Well today I just thought what is the purpose of this blog. Some of you may be going "Why is the title World Ethnic Sample CDs and there is not a lot about Sample CDs" and I understand you 100%. When I first started this blog, it was going to be for promoting my music and since the hompage did not yet have a blog I decided to create one on blogspot. Little did I know that I would get so many readers.

Recently I have been posting completely out of topic and had 3 thoughts. 1: Change the title of the blog so that I could freely write about what I want to. ( and then deal with seo from ground zero again) or 2: Stop posting freely and make the blog less interesting to read. And 3: Disregard 1 and 2 and continue to do what I am doing trying my best to keep music related, but sometimes having a little fun with other topics.

Obiously if I don't post more often it kinda defeats the purpose of having a blog I would guess. So to all of you who have read my blog I just want to say thanks for putting up with my off topic posts and not writing for weeks at a time. I am still new in the blogging world, but will do my best to not do a half-assed job in the future.