Saturday, December 27, 2008


In my previous post I wrote about the Hayashi Tetsuji Tribute Album, "4TEARS" featuring 4 Hokkaido female artists. One of those artists is JUNCO whom Discovery is now promoting and managing with hopes of a major debut.

With the boom of MySpace Music recently a MySpace Music Profile was definately a good move. The only problem with MySpace is that their layouts are very tacky and don't allow a lot of room for customization other than even more tacky generators or you have to be very good at knowing how to code your way through the MySpace mess.

At any rate I was bound to find a way to make the design I wanted be shown on MySpace and was lucky enough to find someone online who knows the ins and outs of MySpace (whom I will post about later) and turn Junco's MySpace Profile into an original masterpiece.

If you are a band and have your own MS Music profile check out Junco's profile and let her know what you think.