Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Junco's Promotion Video "Kanashii Iro Yane" 悲しい色やね

Not a brand new PV, but new to this blog. Just thought I would post it here to save everyone time from clicking to a different site. Anyway here is an excerpt from Junco's promotion video "Kanashii Iro Yane"


JRice said...

Stephen please translate my message to Junco and let her know.
Great job Junco. Didn't understand the words, but I enjoyed the music. Next time I am over in Japan you'll have to sing it me...lol

P0_P0 said...

Sounds great! 悲しい色やね Sad color, don't you think?

Underfloor heating said...

Good career Junco. Didn't realize the words, but I liked the music. Next time I am in excess of in Japan you may should sing it me...lol