Friday, January 16, 2009

Radio Connections From Twitter

Well has most of you know from looking to the upper right of this blog I am am a Twittering fool. I have met a lot of talented musicians and made quite a bit of friends. One really cool Twitter that I came across the other day is @JMKom. His bio reads "Ravenous Musician, Live Radio Host turned Blogger"... (aren't we all) and hosts a really nice blog on...Yes you've guessed it..Blogspot.

I told him I would give him a PR post with some link love. If you are a Radio maniac then this might just be up your alley. You can find his program, Title 8 Radio on his blog here: It airs every Sunday at 8pm PAC. The beta site is

Besides radio he has a lot of funny posts so if you are just into reading blogs (I hope that is not all you are into) you might find it somewhat ironically amusing.


JMK said...

Awww.. You Rock!! Thank You!

Much Love!

JMK said...

oh yeah...Tittle8 has a twitter too! @Tittle8



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