Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Same Old Story on IMDb

Same Old Story finally after months and months of submissions has found its spot on IMDb.
This was no easy task, but after submitting to Withoutabox and then winning an award for "Best International Music Documentary" it started to open up a whole new can of media spinach.

Now that the film's title page is up and running on IMDb it is becoming even more of a task to submit updates. Don't get me wrong the guys and gals over at IMDb are doing a great job, but would be nice if things were a lot easier to submit.

I am still only 80% satisfied, but I am sure they will eventually get around to upgrading that satisfaction to 100%.

So this is for all of you film makers out there who are trying to get your film "out there" and be seen by the rest of the world in the easiest way possible. You have got nothing to lose by submitting to IMDb except them rejecting you. Even my submission got rejected the first time. Persistance is the key here along with a long line of PR linked throughout the world wide web.