Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2009 Updates

I just went to Yubari the other day to help film a promotional video of Cheep Hiroishi and Junco's new song that will debut at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February 2009. While I was there I got a chance to take a lot of photos of the town which I wanted to share with my blog readers.
I was suprised to see all the movie advertisments from the old days still displaying on billboards almost anywhere you look. I couldn't walk 20 feet without seeing some sort of movie display. Back in those days the ads were huge. There was not ink-jet printer so they were hand painted and put up everywhere from small coffee shops and hotels to government offices and schools.

I guess back in the day it was the movie festival to be at. The movie craze took a brief break due tolack of funding and the town's own finacial and political issues, but it seems to have bounce back. And just in time too.

My film along with about sixty others will be showing over a period of one week between February 26th to March 3rd. I am assuming it is going to be pretty big. I will definitely give more updates on the festival as I know about them and a good review of the festival after it is over.

The town is still filled really great people who are almost all movie fanatics. It really like walking into a completely new world. I
forgot that I was in Japan.

An experience some say you will remember for a life time. I'll just have to see for myself.


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